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What's this?

Albedo Combat Patrol (ACP164) is a Science Fiction game, set in a future universe where all the inhabitants are genetically engineered, anthropomorphic animals. It is based on a long running Albedo comic book series of the same name, and fully licenced by Steve Gallacci.

Our 28mm heroic scale miniatures are finely sculpted by a specialist studio who has sculpted for Disney and Warner and are finely cast – at the top end of the miniatures market. The vehicles are chunky resin castings designed and made by a very talented industrial artist who has worked in the model making / special effects department of the BBC.

Albedo Combat Patrol: Shooting!

This video shows you how firearm combat works.

Another new Video

This new video shows how our range of buildings goes together.  Wish I’d had it last week!

Flip through review by Wargames Illustrated

Wargames Illustrated has done a flip though review of our rulebook, and it’s rather good.  You might like to watch it!

New YouTube segment - Activation

One of the more important mechanics in ACP164 is activation.  This short video explains how it works!


Enchawah LARC now available to buy.

LARC B inserts Homeguard troopers on a rooftop.

This week's new release is the Enchawah Corporation Light Airborne Reconnaissance Craft (EC LARC) - if you run HomeGuard or ILR forces, you probably need one of these to support your Airmobile or Air Assault units!


Our new YouTube channel is active

Chris has been putting the hours in to create content fo our YouTube channel #acp164

Please take a look, and share with your friends.  If you subscribe, you’ll be notified of new releases as they happen.

The first episode covers what you need to get started with the game, and following eps will look at game play and battle reports.

Pledges are landing!

Pledges are arriving all round the world, and judging by the reaction, people are happy!

It's alive!

The Albedo Miniatures Game ACP164 was officially launched on the 6th August as a retail release following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The initial release includes full color A4 rulebooks, source book and The Almata Campaign book together with cards, templates tokens and of course lots of highly detailed 28mm miniature figures and vehicles.

A short overview of the First Lapine War

This is an article from the Kickstarter campaign, posted here for posterity.   The critters involved will become significant later...

Know your Enemy

Artefact from the great Lepine war

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