Know your Enemy

Artefact from the great Lepine war

Erma Felna in the flesh.... well, metal at least.

We’ve all seen that image of Flight Commander Felna, but have you seen this?

Kickstarter is LIVE

OMG - the Kickstarter is alive and going off.  Funded in the first thirteen hours and first stretch goal unlocked...

Miniatures now on sale!

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but the first miniatures are now available for purchase!

The end of the tail?

More of the legendary Wargames Illustrated pictures.

New buildings!

Oh, did we talk about the new buildings yet?

Press Release #2

ACP164 is a 28mm miniatures game based on the ‘Albedo Anthropomorphics’ comic written by Steve Gallacci. The product line includes a campaign sourcebook, rules system, a miniatures range, vehicles, buildings and terrain items.  This press release covers the source book.

APC Test Shots

Today we’re sharing some images of the EDF AV4 APC.  This is the third iteration of the model design, and we’re now at the point where we plan the cuts in the model prior to setting up for production.

The Pictures from Wargames Illustrated

Wargames Illustrated are currently featuring us... look at the photos!

In the News!

Wargames Illustrated!  Oh my!


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