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New Solitaire Campaign starting


We all  know that the best way to enjoy your toys is to use them! And the best way to survive isolation is to be active and doing things.

For these reasons, we’ve created a set of solitaire rules for ACP164, and we’re about to kick off a solitaire campaign to try them out.

As part of the ILR or EDF factions, you’ll be struggling to control the planet of JIKA, a rocky dustball in uncontrolled space with precious erbium mines.

Every week you’ll play one or more scenarios and report your results to shape the progress of the campaign.

If you’d like to join in, head to this forum post and let us know!

Sally 4th (who makes Albedo Patrol miniatures) is open for business if you want to expand your collection...

Regards, The Albedo Combat Patrol Team.

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