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Enchawah LARC now available to buy.

LARC B inserts Homeguard troopers on a rooftop.

The Enchawah Corporation created a range of standard rotorcraft that are used by many militaries, including the ILR, who used them in light transport, assault and gunship configurations. These had the advantage of being cheap and easily replaceable, which was handy because the loss of the rotor on one side invariably led to the loss of the whole vehicle and usually the occupants as well.

Operationally, this vulnerability kept them to low altitudes, where the rotor shrouding acted to quieten the noise of the blades and reduce potential damage from foreign objects (and tree branches) as well as minimising exposure to ground fire.

By the end of the war, advances in missile technology were beginning to supplant gunships in the air support role, and the value of traditional rotorcraft for transport was becoming more obvious in terms of survivability.

Nevertheless, the Enchawah LARC series saw a lot of use in ILR, HomeGuard and civilian service and can still be seen in second or third line roles, or on backwater planets.

The first model introduced was the LARC A.  The utility of this resulted in larger, more powerful variants, the B, C & N models of which proved successful and are still in common military use.  A models are still seen in civil, training and VIP transport roles.


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